About us..

The Bavella family has been involved in beekeeping since the early 1970s. Initially, Panagiotis Bavellas and his wife Chrysoula began as amateurs their involvement with beekeeping.

Their passion and hard work led them to become more professional.

From the mid 80’s, the younger generation started to deal with beekeeping. Beehives start to grow and day by day honey production is up reaching a professional level without compromising it’s quality.

Facilities are being set up with modern machinery, HACCP system and modern equipment for transportation.


In 2004 a collaboration with the company Bioagros starts,
based in Giannitsa city and distribution points throughout
Greece as well as abroad.

In 2007 a collaboration starts with the commercial
company Galiotos based in Tripoli. It’s the distribution
center of our products in the prefectures
Arcadia, Messinia and Laconia.

Exports have also been made to Japan, India,
England and Germany.